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•Honesty •Fairness •Respect •Responsibility

- We buy and sell on our own merits, without practicing unethical or illegal behavior. We understand that DB’s business interests, opportunities and information belong to the company, not to us.
- We operate safely with environmental  responsibility and respect our  associates, our suppliers, our customers  and the communities where we operate.
- We act responsibly, exercise sound judgment and do  what is necessary to preserve and enhance that  reputation.

DO NOTDB Fasteners
Disclose confidential information without a non-  disclosure agreement
Disclose trade secret (ever)
Email confidential or sensitive information

DO NOT DISCUSS with competitors
Terms and conditions of sale
Production output or costs

Of course, we do
NOT do these  things!
•Bribery •Corruption  •Kickbacks  •Fraud  •Money-laundering 
Work with intermediaries (sales agents, distributors, JV partners
Commission payments
Facilitation payment