Our family company, ARaymond is proud of its 150-year history, and I am always impressed by how far we have come. ARaymond's first innovations were designed to meet the needs of gloves and shoes manufacturers in our local area, and since 1865, ARaymond has combined our skills and knowledge to gradually master the technologies of assembly and fastening and place them at the service of high-tech industries around the world.

It is to the «cooperative entrepreneur» spirit of our engineers and technicians that we owe our industrial development : it is to their expertise, carefully passed down from generation to generation, that we owe our mastery of technology. It is their capacity for innovation, their sense of initiative and their anticipation that have allowed us to diversify our activities, expand our ranges and adapt to changes in the market.

in keeping with our growth internationally, we have established a networked organization which promotes the exchange and sharing of ideas and experiences, propels initiatives towards completion, and creates value for both our customers and our 5,500 employees.

Innovation has shaped our development from the press-stud for clothing to plastic injection moulding for the automotive sector . Today, we invest 6% of our turnover in research. We are the proud holders of more than 1,000 patents and our Centre of Expertise allows us to grasp new opportunities for innovation.

What we have achieved so far is quite remarkable. We have consolidated our acquisitions and developed our skills sets, sharing our technologies and establishing five areas of expertise: engineering services, metal processing, plastic injection, adhesive production and assembly.

It is individual talent and the commitment of people that has forged our success and sustainability.

The solidity of our expertise, our unlimited creativity and our commitment to excellence exist thanks to the people who make up our company.

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