Superbolt was the world's first to revolutionize nuts and bolts with  the multi-jackbolt tensioner (MJT) in 1984. Since then, Superbolt  has proven its technology in tens of thousands of successful  installations. Superbolt tensioners are easy to work with and provide  an overwhelming mechanical advantage with their unique design,  which divides the load among multiple small jackbolts. Once installed  properly, MJT connections are reliable, and can stay tight indefinitely.  Even MJTs of enormous sizes are safe and can be installed or  removed by a single worker with ordinary hand tools.


But the revolution hasn't stopped here. Superbolt continues to  develop a multitude of solutions to solve the next generation of  bolting challenges. With the widest range of tensioners on the  market and constant growing portfolio, Superbolt has got you  covered.


Superbolt is a part of the Nord-Lock Group. Our global team of  sales engineers and partners will give you the support needed to  ensure that your bolted connections are optimized and safe.

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