General Terms and Conditions

DB Fasteners General Terms Conditions.pdf


DB Fasteners (China) Ltd.


General Terms and Conditions


Preamble: Our General Terms and Conditions shall exclusively apply to all contracts between DB Fasteners (China) Ltd. (hereafter called DB Fasteners) and our customers. Any differing conditions or terms of buyer are herewith objected to and shall not apply.  Any agreement revising the Terms and Conditions as set forth here shall be in writing and can only be approved by the General Manager of DB Fasteners.



1.       Terms of Delivery:



a)         Point of Delivery: Unless otherwise specified in the contract the Point of Delivery shall be ex-works the DB Fasteners warehouse in Shanghai.


b)        Delivery Date: All Delivery & Shipping Dates are estimates only. DB Fasteners is not liable for delays caused by manufacturing delays, customs inspections delays, strikes, unforeseen events, etc.


c)         If DB Fasteners has quoted inventory as “Subject to Prior Sale” and said inventory is outside of DB Fasteners’ control (i.e. factory or another distributor) then DB Fasteners has two business days to rescind the contract in the event the inventory is not available by the time DB Fasteners places PO with Vendor.


d)        Buyer Deferred Delivery: Unless otherwise specified Buyer may defer delivery to a maximum of 30 days from the later of a) expected Delivery Date or b) products available to be shipped date.



2.       Transfer of Title: Transfer of Title occurs at the Point of Delivery as specified in the contract.



3.       Terms of Payment: Payment shall be in RMB deposited into DB Fasteners’ “basic” bank account.



4.       Credit Terms: If DB Fas