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Keep Your Nose Clean!

|March 26 , 2019

It is our job to present to you maintenance tips & hints to help you get the most out of your rivet & nutsert installation tooling and keep them working for years to come. I will share with you the proper care and maintenance of your pneumatic, hydraulic and pneudraulic tools!

Keep Your Nose Clean!

Our sure no one has to tell you how expensive equipment is these days. Everything is expensive and rivet tools are no different than most shop equipment. When you make an investment like that, you want it to last as long as possible before it has to be replaced. The best thing you can do to keep your rivet tooling in good working order is to perform regular preventive maintenance.  Preventive maintenance or PM is a system of maintenance that allows a worker to keep a piece of equipment in peak working condition at all times. It is a means to inspect, detect, and correct potential problems with a piece of equipment either before they occur or before they become a major problem. When it comes to preventive maintenance of rivet tooling the single most important thing you can do, is to clean the nose assembly on a regular basis. You see, dirt and debris collect inside the nose assembly every time you install a fastener. Over time this material can build up inside and work its way back into the tool’s front hydraulic seal. Note, some tools incorporate a wiper seal to help prevent this. However, it cannot completely stop it from happening. Left unchecked, these particles can become embedded into the seal area. Once this happens the particles act like sandpaper on sealing surface of the hydraulic piston. Given enough time the piston can become so scarred that the seal will fail and the tool will leak. At this point simply replacing the seal will not stop the leaking. It may also become necessary to replace the tool’s hydraulic piston or in extreme cases, the head as well. This can turn what would usually be a simple inexpensive maintenance job into a very costly tool repair.

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